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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Participate in the Search for Exoplanets

Photo capture of the home page of Planet Hunters

Search for Extrasolar Planets

Want to take part in the search for Exoplanets around our neighboring star systems? Even if you don't understand any of the math or physics behind searching for extrasolar planets, you can learn what you need to do and how to do so (and be part of a growing Astronomy Community online) over at the tutorial on
Planet Hunters.

There's a comprehensive tutorial, knowledgebase and some really stellar web technologies at work on this site. You can participate in many ways. Mine own has been to help measure (or to go through the data) magnitude changes in light from nearby stars, hoping to find changes that are indicative of a planet or other planetary body passing between the star and our observation point here on Earth.

"The Kepler spacecraft stares at a field of stars in the Cygnus constellation and records the brightness of those stars every thirty minutes to search for transiting planets."

Exoplanet Search 

To Join up with (as well as several other really cool Astronomy and NASA-related websites, you first need a free Zooniverse Profile:

Learn more about how to participate in some of the bleeding edge of Science at:

Here are the collection of Projects you can participate with:

Live Projects

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